Sunday, March 18, 2012


Development went down into major chaos over the last few days as I replaced my PC with a Mac Mini   and switched my IDE over to NetBeans with Safari as my main test browser.  So far things are going pretty smooth, although the Firebug plugin seems a little wonky in Safari.

I've decided to not even attempt to make the game work with Internet Explorer.  I realize this may cut out part of my audience, but oh well.  I'm just so fucking tired of dealing with Windows.  I'm forced to do it at work, so I'm damn sure not going to expose myself to that crap at home when I don't have to.

So my major focus is now in getting the planet editor up to snuff.  I'm working on some web services and making the page nice and AJAXy.  I've got most of the Terran planet tiles entered in the DB now, and I've been working on making some new planets while I'm working on the planet editor.

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