Thursday, March 22, 2012

Final Course

I'm still moving right along on the planet terrain rewrite.  I've got all of the Terran planet squares entered and have made progress on most of the other planet types.  This should allow me to redo the asteroid code fairly quickly, since it's all very similar.

Unfortunately, while digging around in the code to allow me to create some of the planet types I never did in the past, I realized how old and clunky a few parts of the code to display star systems is.  This was some of the first code I wrote for the game and it's all completely hacked together with baling wire and superglue.  It won't be nearly as big of a project, but some refactoring will have to be done there as well.

I also woke up my main artist, who has apparently gone and created himself an Internet radio station featuring Goth Metal.  He's working on some supplemental planet tiles and is creating me a whole new set of system object tiles.

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