Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Side Tracks

I got bored with all the graphics stuff, so for the last day or so I've been wandering off doing some other things.  I fixed some bugs and I added the ability for a user to change their language.  Right now the only options are English and German, and only a few labels are changed to German, but I thought I might as well do some of it as I go along so it won't be a huge chore somewhere down the road.  I'm not sure what other languages I'll translate it to, but I would imagine French and Italian may be forthcoming.  I'd love to translate it to Chinese, but it's such a different language than what I'm used to that the task is daunting to me.  At least with German I can almost follow along.

I also took another look at ship combat, but this made me realize that I'm really not ready to start writing the combat code since I haven't even added weapons to the game and don't have the ability for players to set some basic tactics for their ships.  Eventually you'll be able to tell your ship what distance it should try to maintain to the target, or what round to flee on if you want to stay and fight for a few rounds then try to escape.  I've got the framework or the Ship Combat Orders up, and once I create a few lasers I can start making the combat more complex.  The combat system is probably the one part of the game that is going to require the most work, even from deciding exactly how it's going to work.

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