Saturday, May 19, 2012

Space Sluts? I has them...

Things are moving along nicely in the game recently.  I added functionality to place turrets on ships recently.  A ship has to be at least class 1.0 to have a hardpoint, and turrets can be placed on the hardpoints.  There will be different kinds of turrets, like Beam Weapon and Missile.  There will also be larger weapon systems that will require multiple hardpoints.  So a fighter bay may take 3 hardpoints, while a spinal mount may take five.

A ship will have one hardpoint for each full class it is.  So a 2.0 will have two hardpoints.  A 3.5 will have three, etc.

All of this is slowly leading up to me being able to get the combat system going.  I've also been working on the login page, and have commissioned some artwork from Evolluisionist on deviantART.  You can see the preliminary artwork and the recent redesign on the login page at

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