Monday, February 27, 2012

First Bite

So tonight I finally started Eating the Elephant on the planet tile rework. In the last couple of days I had to figure out what exactly it was I wanted to do, since I didn't leave myself very good notes the last time I expended a lot of brain power on this. There are several phases for this that I'll be going through.

1. Create new tile db table and add all 3000+ image tiles to it.

     Actually, I haven't even finished uploading all of the graphics that my artist sent me in the first place. This is the part I'm dreading the most since I'm going to have to actually eyeball each tile and add the topology and terrain type for it's entry in the database.

 2. Rewrite the Edit tool.

      This won't be too bad since the point of this whole rewrite in the first place was to make this easier. This may be the first place I use some real HTML5 for the game since it's an Admin tool and I won't mind storing data in a local db.

3. Rewrite the planet and asteroid field display code.

     This shouldn't be too bad.  I'm saving this for last though.

 4. Wipe all planet/asteroid data and make new ones.

     I think there are only about 5 planets and moons in the game anyway that have any real design to them. Once I get this all together I'll be able to make a random planet generator, which should be a lot of fun to work on.

 So as of tonight I've done a small amount of Step 1 and a small amount of Step 2.  Hopefully I'll have some screenshots to show off by this weekend.

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