Monday, June 4, 2012


I spent last week on the beach near Gulf Shores, Alabama, and I was almost completely offline, so no work on the game happened, although I did come up with a few new things while I was relaxing on the beach.

Today I did some small polishing work on stuff like the Reports page to keep one part of my mind occupied while I mull over how to do a few things.  I started goofing around with the ship combat code a little and made a little progress there.  I can tell already that to get the combat the way I want it is going to be a huge pain in the ass, but it should be worth it.

I think I mentioned it before, but I decided to go ahead and write the combat code to include multiple ships per side.  I was going to do 1 vs. 1 to get started, but I think that to rewrite it afterwards would be almost as bad as coding it up in the first place.  So to do that, I'll have to code up more on the Ship Combat Programming, but that's a good thing.

Hopefully soon I can post a few initial combat reports.  Right now they're mostly just debugging statements.

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