Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friend or Foe Wrapup

I finished off the Friend or Foe functionality today and killed a few other bugs I found.  Each list is now limited to 10 entries, and I added error messages to let the user know why a ship didn't get added.  When the game eventually goes live, one of the perks for being a paying "Member" of the game is that the size of the Friend or Foe lists will be bigger.  I haven't even started adding any of that to the game yet, though.

To test the lists, I had to create a bunch of new ships.  None of them are armed, and to arm them I'd have to create a bunch of weapons by hand in the database.  So I think this might be a good point to veer off for a bit and work on the manufacturing part of the game for colonies.  I'll decide when I sit down at the computer tomorrow afternoon and fire up the editor.

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