Monday, May 10, 2010

Dev Plan

I've divided the work needed for the game into 4 basic phases, based on the game being a '4X' game:

1. Exploration - this includes the majority of the ship actions, including movement on the system map, orbiting system objects, scanning of systems and objects, and jumping to new star systems via IAPs (Interstitial Access Points).

2. Expansion, Exploitation - these two phases are so closely linked that they'll likely be completed at the same time. This phase will include colonies, mining of resources, and manufacturing of items and new starships. This phase will also introduce Expeditionary Forces, which are generally confined to moving on the surface of a planet and will be necessary to capture colonies in the game.

3. Extermination - This phase will include all aspects of combat. This includes combat between ships, colonies, and expeditionary forces.

At this point I am approximately 75% complete with the Exploration phase, and have completed a small part of Phase 2 along with it. When Phase 1 is complete, I plan to allow a small number of players access to the game for a short while to perform some stress tests and gain feedback. Stay tuned for more details.

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