Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to Project Libertine

Project Libertine is my first attempt at writing a browser based game. It's intended to recreate many of the aspects of open-ended Play by Mail games from the late 20th Century, but to add some of the newest game play elements like actions taking a real amount of time to complete instead of using turns or time units.

As an example of this, star systems are a grid of 75x75 squares. If your ship is rated at 5 space squares/hour, it will take one hour for a ship to move 5 squares across the map. If a mine is producing 20 ore per hour, then after 30 minutes there will be 10 ore on hand.

Project Libertine is best described as an open-ended, real-time, multi-player 4X space game. It will feature a player driven economy in which information will hold as much value as items or ore. Maybe you've discovered where a worm hole to a new star system is. You can sell that information on the open market within the game, or keep it secret to exploit what you find in that new system for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, I currently have no definite time line for the general release of the game. My very rough timeline is to have an alpha preview sometime in late 2011, with a possible general release in 2012.

I plan to update this blog as often as possible as I add new features to the game, and all announcements about the game will be made in this forum.


CEO of Pipart Games and Lead Developer of Project Libertine

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