Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today's Progress

Using this excellent JQuery Popup Bubbles tutorial by Remy Sharp, I did some more polish on the Ship Crew page today. I added Popup bubbles to the crew members name that show their skills list. This will help the players decide which personnel to assign to a crew position without having to go to the Personnel page to do so. Here's a sneak peak screenshot of the crew section, showing the skill popup for the Captain.

As you can tell from the screenshot, I also completed the ability to embark/disembark crew whenever a ship is landed at a colony. For now this will only be done on the Ship Crew screen, although I will likely have the ability to load personnel onto ships from a similar screen once I stand up the Colony interface in the coming weeks.

In other good news today, I received the next insanely great tileset from artist Jake LaFloret. Today it was the Hermian planet type tileset. I'm still doing some polish on the GM planet building tools, but I'll post some sneak peeks of some planets soon.

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