Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Clean Up and More Cargo Work

I got side-tracked a bit tonight, but I got some cleanup work done first:

1. Fixed the Hire New Personnel page, which I broke a while back. I got the fields lined up and when you hire a new employee they get placed at Zed, the only colony in the game. (So Far)

2. Figured out how to fix the date column on the reports screen so it will sort correctly. I'm using a really great sortable table library by Stuart Langridge that he's provided free of charge on the Internet. He did an awesome job and it has saved me a ton of coding and works great.

3. Some minor cleanup on the Main screen with the ship action descriptions.

4. I added an admin page to let me add new Item types to the database without having to enter it directly with SQL statements. Trying to keep up with the dependencies was getting a bit tedious.

In tonight's Major News, I got the functionality working to move cargo between a ship and colony. It's still instantaneous, and I also need to decide on the method to determine how long it will take to move cargo around. I've got several factors I'd like to include in the equation, like the size of the ship's cargo area, the cargo handling skill of the crew on the ship, and the cargo handling rating of the colony.

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