Monday, May 10, 2010

Recent Accomplishments

Things I've gotten into the game recently:

1. Ships can now land at colonies.
2. Re-organized Ship Library screen and added JQuery tabs.
3. Personnel can now be assigned or removed from different crew positions on ships.

Things soon to come:

1. Personnel can get on/off ships at colonies.
2. Assign personnel to various positions at colonies.
3. JQuery info popups for the System Map when you hover over objects.
4. Some polish on GM Planet creation tools.
5. Mineral deposits, gas giant scooping, comet harvesting.

A few weeks ago I told a friend that colonies were in the game, but only in the sense that they were cardboard cutouts that showed up on the main info screen. Over the next few weeks they'll become more substantial, but will not be fully fleshed out until Phase 2 of the dev process.

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