Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Year 12 - Day 324 - Armor

Work is still progressing on the combat system.  Today I finalized some values for armor and ship speed calculation is now taking into account the armor a ship may have.  I'm borrowing the names of most of the armor types from one of my favorite 4X space games of all time.

Armor Types
1 = Durasteel  100 hps 2.5 weight per layer
2 = Tritanium 200 hps 2.0 weight per layer
3 = Zortrium  300 hps 1.5 weight per layer
4 = Neutronium 400 hps 1.0 weight per layer
5 = Adamantium 500 hps 0.5 weight per layer

The next big step in the combat code is having the damage actually being applied to ship modules, then I'll work on the consequences of that damage.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Year 12 - Day 313

I made more progress on the combat system today.  Actually, it involved a lot of code remediation and ripping out whole sections for a rewrite, but I've almost got the friend vs. foe functionality finished and soon there will be multiple ships involved in combat.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Year 12 - Day 312

Progress on the combat system is moving right along.  It's taken me so long to even get started on combat that it's really fun to see it start taking shape.  So far it's still just 1 ship vs. 1 ship, but they are maneuvering and firing Beam Lasers so far.   

Each turret gets to fire once a turn if the target is within range of the weapons installed in that turret.  Damage is being calculated based on the weapon's stats, but damage is not being applied to ships yet.

Here's a sample combat screenshot.  Click it to enlarge.